Patron: Dame Harriet Walter

Patron: Dame Harriet Walter

  1. Bullet    As part of The Dorset school of Acting’s commitment to the future of acting and drama the school provides 4 youth theatre programmes starting at age 3. 

  1. Bullet    As we like to keep things nice and simple for parents and students at DSAYT, in our 4 youth theatre stages we incorporate the three main disciplines of acting, singing and dancing in all our regular classes.

  1. Bullet    Students take part in annual productions from showcase performances, musical theatre shows, open air Shakespeare and classic and contemporary plays.  Some students will also have the opportunity to produce their own devised productions.

  1. Bullet    Some of our teachers train students in both DSA full time and DSAYT.

  1. Bullet    A term varies in length but is approximately 13 weeks and correlates with the academic year (depending on area).

  1. Bullet    DSAYT gives a discount for subsequent siblings who attend.

*The suggested ages of each stage are guidelines and entry into each stage is at the discretion of the principals based on maturity and ability of individual students.

Call: 01202 922675

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Youth Theatre

11-15 yrs

Youth Theatre

3-6 yrs

Youth Theatre

7-10 yrs

Youth Theatre

16+ yrs

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